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Ortho Evra Information
Start page from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including the approved Ortho Evra label and information for patients.

FDA Announces New Label for Ortho Evra
Read FDA press release announcing new language for Ortho Evra label warning of exposure to higher levels of estrogen.

FDA Answers Questions about Labeling Change
In this report the FDA answers questions about the announced change to the Ortho Evra label warning users about higher exposure to estrogen.

Ortho Evra Drug Information [PDF file]
Detailed information about the side effects and adverse reactions associated with Ortho Evra and prescribing information, from Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Public Citizen Warns Women - Do Not Use Ortho Evra...
Read the statement of the Director of Public Citizen's Health Research Group that warns women not to use Ortho Evra.

Ortho Evra Introduced into the Market as Posing Same Risks as the Pill
Read early reports on Ortho Evra that compared Ortho Evra to the pill, and indicated that the risks of the birth control patch were the same as oral contraceptives.

CBS/Associated Press Report about Dangers Posed by Ortho Evra
In-depth report in response to FDA announcement that Ortho Evra users are exposed to higher levels of estrogen and may be at greater risk for side effects.