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Driving is a hazardous activity. According to the Colorado State Patrol, the main causes of car accidents include speeding, following too closely, inattentive driving, and DUIs. In other words, slow down, stop tailgating, get off that cell phone, and find a designated driver before you drink. Then, educate yourself. Hundreds of people are killed every year in Colorado car crashes, and some routes are particularly dangerous when compared to others.

FindLaw has come up with a list of some of the most dangerous roadways and intersections in Denver. Some of these streets are notorious for car accidents, so motorists should be extra cautious.

I-25 between Santa Fe and I-70

Denver police investigated 973 crashes in 2009 in that section of road alone. Part of the reason for the high number of car accidents is the sheer volume of cars traveling that piece of highway, which is estimated to be about 250,000 cars a day.

University Blvd. and 1st Avenue

This is an extremely accident-prone area. There's heavy traffic during rush hours and throughout the day. The main thing to remember at this intersection is to obey traffic signs and watch for oncoming traffic. There's also a well-traveled Whole Foods Market here, which doesn't help the traffic situation much.

University Blvd. and Hampden Road

While this intersection is technically in Englewood, it's still close enough to warrant some discussion. This used to be a good alternate route to avoid traffic -- not anymore. Near the Wellshire Golf Course there's now increasing traffic volume across the metro area. University Blvd. has become a bottleneck at certain times of day. Watch for fender benders and people following too closely.

Colorado Blvd. and Alameda/Interstate 25

Major traffic area, period. With a KFC on one corner, Burns Park nearby, and a whole slew of other businesses in the area, you are best to be on high alert at this intersection.

Monaco Parkway and Hampden Avenue

This intersection has something for everyone -- a business, church, gas station, or strip mall. Be prepared for traffic coming in and out of driveways and pay attention to traffic signals. The I-25 exit usually causes some kind of congestion that flows out onto these streets.

Colorado Blvd. and 6th Avenue

This is another commuter's thoroughfare. If you can avoid it, you'd be wise to do so. There are too many lanes, and too much traffic, especially when drivers are trying to connect to Leetsdale Drive. Watch for bikers too!

Colorado Blvd. and 17th Avenue

If you're headed out to the Denver Zoo to see Predator Ridge or the Primate Panorama, get ready to hit some major traffic here. Make sure you stay off your cell phone and watch for traffic exiting the zoo, as well as drivers who run red lights.

Colorado Blvd. and Mexico Avenue

There's traffic to the left. Traffic to the right. Keep your eyes open and be alert. Drivers are coming from I-25 and the businesses within the areas -- such as Best Buy. This intersection has a history of producing major traffic headaches. Consider taking an alternate route or avoid it altogether if you can.

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality. Dangerous roads in Denver can play a very large part in the causes of a motor vehicle accident. People involved in car crashes may want to speak with a car accident lawyer for more information specific to their case.