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Baycol Product Liability Litigation (MDL 1431)
Provides updates, transcripts, and docket information for the Baycol product liability multi-district litigation.

MEDLINEplus Drug Information
Information on HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors.

MEDLINEplus Medical Encyclopedia: Rhabdomyolysis
Information on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of rhabdomyolysis.

U.S. FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research - Baycol
Baycol information and resources from the FDA.

U.S. FDA MedWatch
Features safety information for drugs and other products and forms for reporting problems with medical products.

U.S. FDA Talk Paper: Bayer Voluntary Recalls Baycol
FDA announcement discussing the decision by Bayer Pharmaceutical Division to recall Baycol from the US market.