Yahoo's Stable of Attorneys Is Two Lawyers Lighter

By Kevin Fayle on June 11, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It's no secret that Yahoo has been tossing executives and employees aside frequently lately as the company tries to stop its long slide towards obscurity and irrelevance.  Six months ago, Yahoo's top IP lawyer, Joe Siino, left the company, and now two more attorneys have decided to jump ship. 

Reggie Davis, Yahoo's "click fraud czar" has left to become general counsel at Zynga, a video game company.  Davis was the subject of some controversy a few years back after another Yahoo lawyer, Eulonda Skyles, accused Davis of sex and race discrimination after she came back from a maternity leave.  Davis was associate general counsel at the time, and the accusation is widely credited as prompting his move into the Search Marketing Division, although Yahoo denies this.
The other departing lawyer is Lisa McFall, the head of IP litigation for Yahoo.  Some sources claim that she'll be going to work for Siino at his new consulting firm, Ovidian.  There's no word on the reasons for McFall's departure, but the LegalPad Blog suggests that it might have something to do with Yahoo's recent loss in the first patent case it decided to take to trial in four years.  LegalPad was unable to confirm this, however.

This isn't the only tech company to experience some churn in its legal department: HP has transitioned to a legal department that's built on turnover to some degree.   

Are the days of legal department lifers coming to a close in Silicon Valley?
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