West Nile Virus Symptoms Spike Nationwide with Fever, Head and Body Aches

By Admin on August 29, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Cases of West Nile Virus have been high this summer, which means it's important to know the symptoms.

The states hardest hit are one's in the south and central U.S.. Texans should be especially cautious since a majority of the deaths caused by West Nile come from that state, reports ABC News. Still, there are reported cases in 47 out of 50 states so everyone needs to be careful.

West Nile Virus is dangerous but only 1 in 150 cases develop into the severe and potentially deadly form. Knowing the symptoms can help you identify the virus early and receive treatment if necessary.

The vast majority of people affected never show any symptoms and the disease leaves them relatively unaffected. For them, the virus poses no real risk.

Of the 20% that do develop some form of the disease, the symptoms are generally flu-like, reports Forbes. They can include headaches, fever, muscle aches, and chills.

Symptoms for the rare cases that turn severe include tremors, convulsions, and vision loss. Those can indicate series neurological issues and patients that show these symptoms need medical attention.

West Nile Virus is no joke so take good care of yourself.

If you or someone you know develops any of those symptoms, now is not the time to be proud. Go to the doctor's office or local hospital to be checked out.

There are also steps you can take to prevent infection.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water so make sure they don't have the opportunity. Empty wading pools before dark and dump them into the street drain, not the grass. Avoid any areas with large stagnant puddles and wear bug spray.

Bug spray with DEET is controversial because of health concerns but the CDC reports that it's still the best way to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Cases of West Nile Virus are being reported all over the country with 1,118 sick and 41 dead this year, reports ABC News. Symptoms can turn serious quickly so don't waste time once they start.

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