Wannabe Bouncer Attacks Patron with Stun Gun

By Laura Strachan, Esq. on January 03, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Bar patrons can get rowdy, which is why many clubs and bars hire a bouncer to control the front door. Like any other employee, the bouncer gets paid for his work with the club. A wannabe bouncer (yes, one that does not get paid because he is self-appointed) recently over stepped his bounds by attacking a patron with a stun gun.

Nathan Landis was a wannabe bouncer at Antique Billiards in Colorado. He did everything a bouncer would do, except for pick up a paycheck from the bar he was helping out. Landis, 23, seemed to take his volunteer post quite seriously.

He enforced a strict, self-determined dress code at the bar, and that is where the problems began.

Landis took issue with a patron who was wearing a backwards cap. According to MSNBC, he "told the man multiple times to straighten his hat, and the man refused, eventually saying he would leave the bar. As [the patron] was leaving ... Landis pushed him and the two began fighting. As the man was on the ground, Landis shocked him repeatedly with a stun gun."

The charge of illegal use of a stun gun carries up to three years in prison. Appears as though he won't have even his "unofficial bouncer" position to fall back on when he gets done with his potential punishment. In addition to possible jail time, Landis will now have a felony on his criminal record -- something that could affect any real employment he may try to seek in the future.

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