Verizon iPhone: What to Consider Before Ditching ATT

By Admin on February 02, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Does the Verizon iPhone have you planning to leave AT&T? Pre-orders for the mega-hyped Verizon iPhone begin this Thursday.

AT&T's exclusive partnership is finally coming to an end; the iPhone has been tied to an AT&T contract since 2007. If you're going to make the switch, here are some good things to know:

  • Verizon is allowing iPhone 4 buyers to lock into Verizon data plan at $30 per month plan for unlimited data, with a two-year contract, USA Today reports. They are not confirming that this deal will last forever. Verizon seems to be using it to lure in as many early adopters as possible. 
  • Make sure you buy a case made for a Verizon iPhone. The shape of the Verizon iPhone will be slightly different. Therefore, some iPhone cases made for AT&T phones will not fit the Verizon version. You'll definitely want a case, as there is already a class action lawsuit regarding the iPhone 4's glass breaking
  • Making the switch will cost $250 for the Verizon iPhone plus anywhere from $0 and $325 to end your AT&T contract. Of course you can sell your previous iPhone, so you won't be out the full amount. 
  • Verizon is offering $212 to trade in a 16GB iPhone or $285 for a 32 GB, a deal which USA Today called "pretty decent," which is a bit of a stretch. An iPhone 4 can be sold for as much as double that on craigslist or eBay. 
  • The iPhone 4 has been out for 7 months now, which is quite a long time in smartphone years. The next generation iPhone is expected to be released this summer. 
  • The Verizon data network is slower than the AT&T network. That means you might actually wind up missing AT&T when you're streaming a video from the internet. 
  • AT&T's network allows you to simultaneously make calls and use the internet. You can't do that on a Verizon iPhone unless you have WiFi.

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