'Twilight' Fan Charged: Lied about Bite Marks

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on February 15, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Edward Cullen is one hot vampire. So hot, in fact, that when he's not sparkling in the sun or stalking watching over Bella Swan, he's chilling out on the beaches in the Florida Keys where bloodsucking is all the rage.

Last August, a fifteen year old girl covered in bite marks filed a police report stating that she was attacked while on a jog. The girl told police that a former friend had been the one to attack her. The fact that this ex-friend had previously been in trouble with the law, when combined with the bruises and marks across her arms, neck and back, led police to believe her.

Turns out the Twilight fan lied.

The girl turned over her jogging shoes to police, who then began to investigate the incident. Unable to find footprints that matched the shoes, the department began to suspect that the Twilight fan lied to police. Their suspicions were confirmed, reports NBC, when the bruises began to heal only to reveal that they were made by human teeth.

Enamored with sparkling vampires, the Twilight fan actually engaged in a vampire fantasy role-playing game with her 19-year-old boyfriend. Afraid of her mother's reaction to the marks, she made up the attack, even going so far as to take and send cell phone photos of the bruises, reports the Sun Sentinel. Her mother was the one who called the authorities.

The fifteen year old has now been charged with making a false police report, notes NBC.

In every state, it is illegal to make a false report or false statements to law enforcement. Doing so not only wastes resources, but redirects law enforcement's attention from actual crime. Depending on the state, making a false report may be a misdemeanor or felony, and may carry with it fines or jail time.

Filing a false police report may also lead to other charges. Depending on what a person lies about, it can lead to charges of insurance fraud or theft. In the case of this Twilight fan, it could also lead to a civil lawsuit. Falsely accusing someone of a crime, as she did with her ex-friend, can be grounds to recover for defamation.

Though the Twilight fan lied, her story does present a very pertinent question.

Are vampire bites so good that they're worth the risk of jail?

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