Top Apps for In House Counsel

By Andrew Lu on October 02, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

When you think of a corporate counsel, do you think of a stodgy attorney with no use for apps on her smartphone? Think again.

Apps are not a fad and if used properly, apps can save you time, keep you better organized, and impress the people you report to.

Apps for smartphones and tablets make your life easier outside the office, and there is no reason these apps cannot similarly benefit you while you're at work. Here are some of the top apps for in house counsel, as compiled by Corporate Counsel.

  1. Conduct More Dynamic Meetings. Apps like Mindjet can help you organize your meeting and apps like Bamboo Paper can involve attendees at the meeting. Mindjet is an app that allows you to organize the goals of the meeting and diagram them out in a map for everyone to see. At the meeting, you and your attendees can alter the map, allowing a dynamic and fluid meeting that is also organized. With Bamboo Paper, you can share diagrams and notes with other attendees.
  2. Increase Your Productivity. While in house counsel might not be billing, you still must be productive. The GeeTasks app allows you to track your "to do" items in a series of folders that also appear on your desk computer or laptop.
  3. Vet Outside Counsel. Think that the outside counsel your company might hire is too slick? Well, dig into their history with the LinkedIn app. Learn what school your potential colleagues went to and what their work experience is really like. You can also use reader apps like Mr. Reader to see what these attorneys have been up to and see what they've published.
  4. Work at Home. Perhaps the most invaluable apps are those that allow you the freedom to work wherever you want. Microsoft announced that it will be releasing an Office app later this year. Many lawyers already use other apps that do something similar like DocsToGo, Office2, and QuickOffice.

Not all in house counsel apps may be for everyone. However, if you experiment with a few, you may discover an app or two that can make your life significantly easier.

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