Top 5 GC Hires in 2018

By George Khoury, Esq. on December 21, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

This past year has been a big one for GCs across the country. Quite a few got fired, stepped down, retired, or actual had to face consequences.

But just like in life, when the door closes for one GC, it opens for another. Below, you can read about five of the biggest GC hires in 2018.

1. Tesla Names New General Counsel

Most recently, Tesla, one of the most talked about companies in the country, hired a new GC to replace the last one who, notably, was Musk's divorce lawyer. The company is facing quite a bit of litigation and has hired a GC they believe is up for the task of managing it all and the company's other legal affairs.

2. Purdue Pharma Hires New GC

Also facing mounting litigation pressure from the wave of opioid related litigation against the pharmaceutical industry, Purdue Pharmaceuticals has brought on a new GC to help the company branch out to more than just pain meds.

3. Starz' New GC Hits the Ground Running

With big names and big name executives dropping out (or being kicked out) of the entertainment industry, on a seemingly weekly basis over the past year, Starz brought on an experienced entertainment industry attorney as their new GC. The Starz network is facing new challenges in the changing digital media landscape and scored an experienced attorney from Lionsgate to lead their legal division.

4. Lionsgate Announces New General Counsel

While Lionsgate may have lost one of their star attorneys, at least they lost'em to Starz, whom they own. And while they were busy keeping it in the family, Lionsgate pulled back a lawyer who had left years early to join Starz as their new GC.

5. Miramax Has a New General Counsel

Along with other big moves in the industry, Miramax also jumped on the bandwagon of bringing on a new GC, but one they were already familiar with. The movie making company was able to woo Sony Pictures' president of digital production to come back to Miramax where he once was co-head of creative production and ran several other units, including legal.

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