Top 3 Reasons Casey Anthony Should Not Testify

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on June 23, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Will Casey Anthony testify? Should she?

Those who think that Casey Anthony should testify point to opening remarks made by defense attorney Jose Baez in which he asserted that Anthony was the victim of sexual abuse and that her father helped her cover up Caylee's drowning death.

Casey is the only one willing to testify to these assertions.

Even so, there are plenty of reasons Casey Anthony should stay off the stand, including the following three.

1. She's not likeable.

There's some thought that, with seven female jurors, it's important for Anthony to demonstrate that she is a loving mother and daughter.

With evidence that she publically ignored the fact that her daughter was missing, and that her relationship with her mother Cindy was strained, there's likely little Casey Anthony can do to emotionally win over these women.

2. She's a liar.

Despite proffered excuses, both Casey Anthony and her attorney have admitted that she lied, basically destroying her credibility from the outset of the case.

Jurors have heard tapes and testimony detailing lies about topics that range from Caylee's whereabouts to something as inconsequential as Casey's employment status.

How will a jury trust what she has to say?

3. Distraction from the real evidence.

Most importantly, should Casey Anthony testify, it may prove to be the ultimate distraction.

Prosecutors have had a difficult time finding evidence that Casey killed her daughter. Without a murder weapon, cause of death, and conclusive expert opinion, their case is actually quite weak.

Jose Baez needs to continue to focus the jury's attention on the lack of evidence, not the character of his client.

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