Top 10 Food Recalls of 2015

By Admin on December 23, 2015 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Every day the Food and Drug Administration recalls foods that need "corrective action." Not all recalls are based on food poisoning or the result of an actual injury. Sometimes there is a problem with the label that needs correcting or there is another packaging problem.

But sometimes food is recalled because the food itself is defective, poisonous, or otherwise dangerous to consumers. This year, like every other, there were numerous food recalls and they included some national favorites. Here is a look at 2015's top ten recalls in chronological order, according to The Daily Meal.

Top 10 Food Recalls of 2015

  1. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese: In March, Kraft Foods recalled 6.5 million boxes of Americas favorite comfort food after consumers found metal bits in the boxes. There were no injuries.
  2. Organic Spinach: Starting in March, but continuing throughout the year, a slew of different organic spinach brands were recalled due to possible listeria contamination. Spinach has also been associated with E. Coli poisoning.
  3. Blue Bell Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, and Sorbet: Blue Bell Ice Cream recalled all of its food products in April after three people died from listeria poisoning and health inspectors found the listeria bacteria in the company's cookie dough ice cream and factories. Blue Bell products returned to shelves in August.
  4. Jeni's Ice Creams: Like Blue Bell, Jeni's small-batch ice creams were plagued with problems this year. Listeria discovered in a randomly collected sample resulted in a recall, suspension of production, and the closing of all of its ice cream shops. In June, after resuming business, the company again discovered listeria in its products and halted operations temporarily.
  5. Barber Foods Frozen Chicken: Salmonella poisoning prompted the recall of 1.7 million pounds of frozen raw chicken from Barber Foods after six people fell ill in July.
  6. Aspen Foods Frozen Chickens: Salmonella in frozen chicken was again a problem in July when Aspen Foods learned of three cases of salmonella poisoning associated with its frozen chicken products.
  7. Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon: In August, over 2 million pounds of turkey bacon because the product was mislabeled and could spoil before the sell-by date.
  8. Sara Lee Breads: Seven different bread products sold under the names Nature's Harvest, Great Value, Kroger, L'Oven Fresh, and Bimbo Bread were all recalled after three consumer complaints about broken glass in the bread. The company traced it back to broken light bulb in one bakery.
  9. Sanderson Farms Chicken: In September over half a million pounds of chicken were recalled after metal shavings from a defective ice machine were discovered in the meat. There were no injuries reported.
  10. Tyson Chicken: In November, Tyson recalled 52,000 pounds of Any'tizers Fully Cooked Hot Chicken Wings after several people reported they got sick from the chicken.

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