The Cubicle Celebrates 50 Years of Causing Misery

By Gabriella Khorasanee, JD on April 02, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Did you know the ubiquitous office cube is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year? As someone always looking for an excuse to eat more cake, this is great news. In honor of the cubicle's anniversary, we thought we'd give you a roundup of our best cubicle-related posts on FindLaw.

So sit back in your cube, grab your coffee and don't let your co-workers see what you are reading (instead of working) ...

Law Office Ergonomics: Tips for Staying Pain-Free -- Need to make your workstation more comfortable? Read this post for tips on making your cube ergonomic from finding the right chair, to having the right lighting and ventilation.

The Corner Cubicle: New Lawyers Should Forget About Palatial Offices -- As a result of the downturn, one of the ways that law firms try to save is with real estate, which means one thing -- cubicles are more popular.

Office Decor: 5 Decorating Tips for Your Law Office or Cubicle -- You spend most of your waking hours at your desk, read this article for some tips on making your workspace more comfortable and serene.

Getting Along With Your Coworkers: 5 Tips for Playing Nice -- When you're working in a small space with others, it's of the utmost importance to be courteous and pleasant to work around.

How Associates Can Adapt to Cube Culture -- If you're looking for some ways to upgrade your cube, this post has a few ideas for you.

Efficiency 101: Optimizing the Workplace to Boost Productivity -- Whether you're in an office or cube, this list of ways to optimize your efficiency and boost your productivity is equally relevant.

Shared Workspace May Be Better Than Cubes For Law Firms -- Law firms may soon be following the shared workspace model popularized by tech companies.

Yes, you may love to hate your cubicle, but it's the place where you are chained get your work done every day. Learn to love your three little walls. Here's a toast to the cubicle!

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