The Bar's Over: Now What?

By George Khoury, Esq. on March 04, 2019 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

For February bar exam takers, the test is now over, and many are likely thinking: Now what?

After all, most bar takers have been in law school for so long, and been prepping for the bar so hard for the past couple months, that returning to regular living is just shocking, particularly if post-bar employment wasn't lined up to start the week after the test. Seeing as how, at this point, there's nothing anyone can do about their test results anyway, bar-takers should definitely make the time to at least do some of the many things they had abstained from during bar prep.

Below is a short list of post-bar to-dos to get you started.

Call Your Mom

When you finally have time again, give your parents, siblings, other relatives, or non-law school friends a call just to talk and check in on them. Heck, you can even video-call them to get a reminder of what they look like, and for them to see how the exam has aged you.

Take a Trip

There's nothing quite like taking a vacation post-bar, but pre-results. There's no point in worrying during that strange limbo-like stage of a lawyer's life. Just remember to not go too wild as you can get disbarred before you ever get barred.

Eat Junk Food, and Have Some Drinks

You know how you were eating healthy and avoiding those evil processed sugars, and other foods (and drinks) that you love but make it hard to study? Well ... Now you can go ahead and indulge.

Do What Recharges You

If you like video games, shopping, reading, binge-watching Netflix, or whatever else floats your boat and gets you going, you should spend some serious time doing just that.

Apply for Jobs

While there might be a whole lot of catching up on the fun things that you missed out on, you shouldn't neglect job hunting. You'll be getting your results soon, and the time will fly right by, especially if you don't try to line up work for after receiving your results.

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