The 5 Worst Attorney Business Cards

By George Khoury, Esq. on July 18, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Business cards are still important. But some attorneys might be trying a little too hard to be fun, creative, and attention-seeking. There is a difference between setting trends and going too far.

Sure, the below business cards are getting some attention from the web, but regardless of the positive light most of these are shared in, lawyers shouldn't run the risk of potential clients gasping rather than calling.

Below, you can see five of the most questionable lawyer business cards we found shared across the web.

So Much "No Thank You" Here:

Gun: Check! Eagle: Check! American Flag: Check! Traditional Russian hat: Check... wait, what?

Injured? Need to Crack a Beer? This Firm Can Help...

But, after enjoying a cold one, you might ask yourself: Do you want a drinking buddy or a lawyer?

Shut Up!

Sure, giving out some free advice is probably good for business, but maybe wait until you know your client a little better before calling them stupid and telling them to shut up.

A Lawyer That Shoots Rainbows Out of Their Eyes?

You must be wondering how this lawyer even has time to advertise given the usefulness of his superpower.

Hey! I'm Not Afraid to Swear in Writing

Hopefully potential clients don't think this lawyer is being literal.

Honorable Mention: This one is Cool, But ...

People tend to want good lawyers, not cool lawyers. Right? The martini glass is a nice, albeit a risqué, touch ... the gun might just be a bit much, unless you're trying to land James Bond as a client.

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