The $4.8M Avenatti Judgment

By George Khoury, Esq. on October 23, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

While presidential hopeful and powerhouse high-profile attorney Michael Avenatti might claim to have nothing in common with our current president, the two certainly seem to be peas in a pod when it comes to being lightning rods for legal trouble.

Most recently, multiple headlines have highlighted a judgment against Avenatti. Apparently a California state court judge has entered judgment against Avenatti to the tune of $4.85 million in relation to a breach of contract with Jason Franks, a former associate or junior partner of Avenatti's old firm, Eagan Avenatti. And despite the multimillion dollar judgment, Avenatti doesn't seem to be sweating it in the least bit.

Oy Vey Avenatti!

Even though Michael Avenatti is a favorite of TV, and every other form of news media, it's a love or love-to-hate relationship. Simply put, Avenatti gets ratings because he seems to specialize in high profile controversies (a talent very few attorneys possess), and is rather polarizing in terms of partisan and personal politics.

However, he is getting blasted over his statement related to the recent California Superior Court judgment. Apparently, his claim that Franks actually owes him, and his now-dissolved firm, $12 million is rather dubious (according to the Twitter-fact-checkers).

And while Avenatti claims the Daily Beast reporting is "garbage," it seems to raise some rather damning facts, including the fact that Avenatti was dinged with a $10 million judgment earlier this year.

Evicting Avenatti

In addition to the bad news of the judgment, Avenatti's law firm also got a bit of (likely expected) bad news: the firm is being evicted, and it lost the court battle over the eviction. It's somewhat unsurprising, given the alleged facts that the firm has failed to pay rent in four months.

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