The 10 Greediest Associates of 2012

By Deanne Katz, Esq. on January 04, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

As the New Year starts, we wanted to look back on the greediest associates of 2012, because who doesn't love a little schadenfraude?

This past year there have been many associates whose antics have made us laugh and feel better about our own crazy lives. We've taken note of the stories readers have loved the most and put them together in one easy-to-find place.

Whether you've revisiting old favorites or enjoying these stories for the first time, pat yourself on the back that your antics aren't on this list ... yet.

  1. The one who billed clients for porn. New York attorney James Hazen spent $21,000 on prostitutes, hotel rooms, porn, and limos and then tried to bill the costs to his clients. Needless to say, they weren't impressed.

  2. The one who cheated on the bar. The bar exam is no cakewalk, but Rose Dewitt tried to get through it by checking out someone else's answers, using the old "I'm just stretching my neck" move. It wasn't a good choice.

  3. The one with outrageous fees. Legal services can be expensive, but William Vilmont took it too far when he tried to charge a client a minimum fee of $2,500. The amount of time he spent on the case? Just under four hours.

  4. The one who pretended to be a doctor. Being both a doctor and a lawyer is very prestigious, but lying about being a doctor means you can't continue being a lawyer. Susan Friery, you're busted.

  5. The one who slept with a client. Having sex with clients is an ethics violation in most states and probably an all-around bad idea. But having a client perform sex acts on you while in jail, like Curtis Cannon allegedly did, is both skeevy and more likely to get you caught.

  6. The homewrecker. Feel bad for this former partner at Edwards Wildman Palmer. Not only did he lose his job, but his wife had an affair with the firm's managing partner, Walter Reed.

  7. The one who slept with a prostitute. James Doyle claimed they were just friends when he was caught asleep in his car with a prostitute. But she claimed otherwise.

  8. The one who practiced without a license. Gbenga Anjorin got a certificate as a Special Legal Consultant in Michigan. Then he started appearing in court and eventually got caught and disbarred, without ever actually having a license.

  9. The one who screamed at deposition. There's a fine line between being tough on an opposing party and being belligerent. Joseph Sahid left that line in the dust and was fined for his unprofessional behavior.

  10. The judge who dismissed her own tickets. Judges have a lot of power, and Kelly Ballentine used hers to dismiss her own parking tickets. But then she ended up being removed from her job as her court case played out.

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