Texas Teacher had Sex with 5 Students, Cops Say

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on May 19, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Meet Brittni Nicole Colleps, English teacher, high school girls' basketball coach, and alleged sexual predator.

Accused of having sex with 5 male students at Kennedale High School in Arlington, Texas, the 27-year-old is now facing 5 felony counts that carry decades worth of jail time and $50,000 in fines.

There's visual evidence of her alleged crimes, too.

According to one of the male students, he began trading "sexts" with Brittni Nicole Colleps, eventually ending up in her bedroom reports the Star-Telegram. Somewhere along the line, 4 other male students were drawn into the mix.

In addition to the text messages, police found explicit photographs and videotape of the sexual encounters, which the paper reports occurred on "multiple occasions" at her home.

Colleps isn't being charged under your typical sexual predator statutes--all of the students are 18.

Instead, because Texas criminalizes sexual relationships between teachers and primary and secondary students, she's being charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student, which is a second-degree felony.

Ordinarily, 18-year-olds can legally consent to sexual encounters, but the law will often make exceptions when the power dynamic of a relationship is unbalanced.

There is a valid concern that, because a teacher is in a position of authority, he or she may be using that power to take advantage of a student, even if only subconsciously.

So even if the 18-year-old students maintain that they were not coerced into sleeping with Brittni Nicole Colleps, the law thinks otherwise, and she can be prosecuted for her actions.

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