Target Wooden Stool Recall: Broken Wrists, Hips as 27 Stools Have Collapsed

By Admin on August 23, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A Target wooden stool recall has been expanded after at least 27 reports of broken stools has left consumers with broken wrists and hips.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a voluntary recall Tuesday of about 341,000 storage-style step stools. That's on top of 206,000 of the wooden stools that were recalled less than three weeks ago.

Some of the wooden stools have been falling apart under the weight of the user, reports the CPSC.

Of the 27 reports of the stools breaking, the agency said, two adults broke their wrists, and one of them also fractured her hip and pelvis, the AP reports. Another six children and one adult suffered scrapes and bruising.

The stool has two steps and comes in various colors, including natural, natural and red, white, pink, blue and honey. The Circo step stool has a lid on the bottom step that lifts to provide storage. The Do Your Room stool has the same feature on the top step.

The stools, made in China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand, were sold exclusively at Target stores and at from January 2007 through October 2010 for between $25 and $30.

The CPSC is urging consumers to immediately stop using the stools and return them to any Target for a full refund.

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