Suspended DWI Lawyer Mows Down Pedestrians While (Allegedly) Drunk

By William Peacock, Esq. on December 11, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Stella Mednik, a lawyer with a suspended law license and a suspended driver's license, left a few bodies briefly suspended in mid-air last night when a car she was piloting took flight over a curb and went through a window of a Forever 21 in Manhattan.

Final BAC: 0.185. Final number of people sent to the hospital: 7, including five pedestrians, Mednik, and her passenger.

Fortunately, everyone is expected to survive. Mednik, in addition to the pain of a broken pelvis and a totaled Ford Mustang, is facing charges of drunk driving, criminal possession of a controlled substance, four counts of serious injury, leaving the accident scene, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and refusal to take a breath test, reports the New York Post.

And That Wasn't Even The Crazy Part ...

Careful readers might wonder: how did she leave the scene of an accident when her car ended up parked in the middle of a clothing store?

According to police, Mednik first rear-ended a Subaru SUV before backing up, pulling a U-turn, and taking off. She then allegedly weaved in-and-out of traffic before colliding with multiple other cars.

She then mounted a busy sidewalk filled with holiday shoppers and pinned a pedestrian to the window of Forever 21.

Both Licenses Suspended

According to The Gothamist, Mednik was driving on a suspended license and it was someone else's car -- hence the unauthorized use charge.

Her license to practice law was also suspended in 2011. The disciplinary opinion only provided for a two-year suspension for improper use of a trade name and chronic sloppy accounting -- bounced checks, comingled funds, and lack of oversight over an employee who wrote checks from her trust account. However, the state bar's website still lists her as suspended.

Interestingly, according to her LinkedIn profile, one of her practice areas before her lawyer license was suspended was DWI defense.

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