Strip Club Spiked Attorney's Drinks to Run Up Huge Tabs, Lawsuit Says

By Andrew Lu on June 14, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

If you're a young attorney making a lot of money in Miami: (1) congratulations and (2) stay away from the strip clubs.

Mark Gold, a South Florida attorney and self-proclaimed king of traffic tickets, rang himself up a $19,000 tab at the Goldrush strip bar in Miami.

While the attorney does not deny signing his name to the credit card bill, he does claim that he did not ring up the tab willingly.

In his amended lawsuit against the strip club, Mark Gold says that the club spiked his drinks and got him drunk. Without his full capacities, Gold maintains that he was then taken advantage of by being ringed up for an enormous bill, reports the ABA Journal.

On top of that, Gold says he was not the club's only victim. Instead, he claims that Goldrush ran a scheme where it would size up customers and target those who would unlikely dispute the bill such as married rich out-of-towners who wouldn't want their strip club jaunt publicized. Gold says that the strip club would intoxicate marks by slipping drugs like Xanax into drinks.

As you may know, being slipped a drug unknowingly may constitute assault and battery. You don't need to be punched in the face to be assaulted, and Gold claims that he was violated by drugging. The effect of the drug was that he lost all his senses, and then lost all his money.

Mark Gold sued the Goldrush strip club in Miami arguing that he was drugged and then robbed of $19,000. If there is a Mrs. Mark Gold, she may be wondering what her king of traffic tickets was doing in the strip club in the first place.

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