Stiletto Stabbing at Baby Shower Ends in Arrest

By Aditi Mukherji, JD on August 20, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A baby shower in Nebraska took a violent turn with a stiletto stabbing -- as in, one woman stabbing another guest with her six-inch stiletto high heel. The victim was struck so hard that the heel allegedly had to be pulled out of her face.

The stiletto stabber was arrested on suspicion of strangulation and assault.

Stiletto Stabbing

It's like a chick flick gone terribly wrong: Julia Bol, 28, and Rebecca Boss, 41, started arguing over a man they'd both dated -- the father of Boss' child.

Bol then allegedly grabbed Boss' shoe and punctured Boss in the left cheek with the shoe's heel, reports the New York Daily News. But it didn't end there.

After piercing her cheek, Bol also allegedly slammed Boss into a sidewalk and began choking her.

No Voluntary Intoxication

Authorities say the fight happened about 3 a.m. (side note: Who has a baby shower at 3 in the morning?), and alcohol may have been involved.

In some cases, a person will get so intoxicated that she arguably can't form the necessary intent to commit a crime. Perhaps Bol didn't intend to get into a fight or realize she would put a hole in her friend's face with a stiletto, but it happened.

In some states, "I was drunk" is not a defense to a crime. States that do allow it generally use it to mitigate the charge, not to drop the charges altogether.

Unfortunately for Bol, Nebraska gave the boot to its voluntary intoxication defense in 2011. Since then, Nebraska has prevented criminal defendants from claiming they were temporarily insane or lacked the intent to commit a crime because they were drunk or high.

No Self-Defense

Perhaps Bol will follow in the footsteps of other stiletto stabbers and claim the stiletto killing was in self-defense. But in all likelihood, a court would find Bol as the initial aggressor of the fight and that the amount of force she used was disproportionate to the force it was meant to prevent.

After all, Bol allegedly pierced Boss' cheek and then tried to strangle her -- with no sign that Boss was provoking Bol or fighting back. Those actions seem to take Bol's behavior outside the bounds of self-defense.

If "Sex and the City" and "Law & Order: SVU" had a baby, now we know what the baby shower would look like...

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