Speeding Ticket: Should I Fight It or Pay It?

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on March 14, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It's rare to find someone who obeys the speed limit at all times. With weather and traffic conditions in constant flux, it's sometimes necessary or logical to speed. Though a speeding ticket is often well-deserved, there are those times where it isn't. In those instances, it might be wise to fight a speeding ticket.

Deciding whether or not to fight a speeding ticket requires a lot of consideration of the facts. Additionally, you may need to hire a speeding ticket lawyer to handle your fight.

A speeding ticket can be given for either going above the posted limit or below the posted limit when conditions are dangerous. To fight these kinds of tickets you either need a good excuse or proof that traffic and weather conditions were not as the ticketing officer claimed them to be.

To fight an over-the-limit speeding ticket, you're going to need to show that there was an emergency, a case of mistaken car, or that the officer's speed gun was not in proper condition. The latter of these will require a speeding ticket lawyer--such an accusation is likely to result in a lot of legal speed bumps.

An under-the-limit speeding ticket is usually issued when the weather is dangerous, and you were going faster than was considered safe. If you decide to fight one of these tickets, you'll have to prove that your driving was indeed safe despite the weather.

Even if you don't have a good reason, it might be wise to fight a speeding ticket if it could cause you serious legal problems. Speeding tickets can require your presence in court, cause you to lose your license, or violate probation. In these situations, it is absolutely necessary that you hire a speeding ticket lawyer, as much more than a fine is at stake.

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