Sidney Powell Puts the Kraken Back in the...Wherever You Keep a Kraken

By Laura Temme, Esq. on January 22, 2021 | Last updated on August 10, 2021

You know what they say, once the Kraken has been can definitely just quietly put it back. Attorney Sidney Powell has voluntarily withdrawn the elaborate lawsuit alleging that Georgia's election was rigged in favor of President Joe Biden - a legal effort dubbed "the Kraken" by Powell during an appearance on Fox Business.

In November, Powell claimed former President Trump's legal team had a mountain of evidence that would overturn election results in several states. But as the team's conspiracy theories were debunked and legal challenges were thrown out by courts across the country, even the Trump campaign cut ties with Powell.

Now, at long last, it seems the Kraken is returning to the sea where it belongs.

Lawsuit Was Swiftly Dismissed Last Month

A federal judge in Georgia's northern district dismissed the lawsuit in early December. Then Powell, looking to bypass the 11th Circuit, petitioned to go directly to the Supreme Court in an attempt to consolidate the numerous other "Kraken" cases filed across the country.

The suit centered on an erroneous claim that the company supplying voting machines for Georgia, Dominion Voting Systems, was founded so that deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez could rig elections. When the case was dismissed, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said "claims in the Kraken lawsuit prove to be as mythological as the creature for which they're named."

Powell Throws In the Towel

Powell soon filed an appeal, but as the 11th Circuit had just dismissed another election challenge brought by Lin Wood there were serious doubts as to how long the case would survive. Judge Timothy Batten, who dismissed the case in December, described the suit as "the most extraordinary relief ever sought in a court in an election."

The parties filed a joint motion to dismiss on January 19.

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