Sharks And Other Unusual Pets: What Does This Say About You?

By Betty Wang, JD on August 08, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Even lawyers need a little love from their furry, scaly, and/or fuzzy companions. While the type of dog or cat may be telling enough as is, what about other pets? Like, maybe camels, anyone?

In honor of Shark Week, we thought we'd celebrate the other lesser appreciated animals in the kingdom. Here are some unusual pets, including sharks, and what this may say about the type of lawyer owning them:

Sharks. No, not Great Whites, but certain smaller species of sharks. You know what they say about owners and their pets looking alike? You are sometimes what you own. Small sharks, for the most part, however, operate like any other pet fish would, which is the good news. The bad news is, you could be the brunt of many, "Sharks? And you're a lawyer. Really?" remarks. Maybe try to reign it in more at work when it comes to your shark-like instincts, and you should be fine.

Ferrets. Ferrets are the cats of the weasel world. Essentially, they are pretty much another domesticated mammal (illegal in some states, however -- make sure you check your state's laws) with traits just like the cat. Owners of ferrets, therefore, are not too far off from just your every day attorney cat-owner. They like companionship, but not too much, and don't require dog-like levels of responsibility when it comes to taking care of them. On the other hand, watch out for the crazy cat/crazy ferret lady (or dude) jokes.

Snakes. Snakes have a pretty bad rep. But, much like lawyers, they are often misunderstood and not actually as "evil" as they seem. Take a leaf from JK Rowling's books for example -- the cunning and ambitious Slytherin house was constantly feared as possibly evil. And, okay, aside from being home to Lord Voldemort back when he was human (let's just overlook this minor detail), the most of the lot were still normal, non-evil students. They simply had a little bit of bite to their attitude.

Crabs, eels, and snails. No, not for eating (although, they are certainly edible and delicious if cooked right), but for the owning as pets. Why not? They seem low maintenance enough, right? What does it say about you, though? Two words, on what exactly these pets are: bottom feeders. 'Nuff said.

Parrots: A little quirky, yes, but really, parrots, much like their owners, just enjoy a good (albeit sometimes repetitive and squawky) conversation. The only real concern we have though, is a possible breach of confidentiality. Not only is this not ABA approved, but your client wouldn't be a huge fan if your bird was busy revealing all their dirty secrets to whoever came into your home.

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