ShamWow Guy Tried to Make Assistant 'Love Slave,' Suit Says

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on April 08, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The ShamWow! guy is apparently not only creepy looking, but is also a big creep. You know the ShamWow! Guy, he's the As Seen on TV pitchman with the British accent that gets really excited about cleaning up with the ShamWow! 

Vince Shlomi (he has a name!) is being sued by his former live-in assistant who is accusing him of trying to turn her into his 'love slave.'

He also offered to pay her $20,000 to help him create ShamWow! babies.

Jennifer Kosinski took a job as a customer service rep for Vince Shlomi, but was quickly promoted into the role of personal assistant and object of his ShamWow! affection, reports The Smoking Gun.

While living in the ShamWow! beachside mansion, the Daily Mail reports that she took care of Shlomi's household errands and babysat him at parties and events.

But Vince Shlomi wanted more. He wanted love.

The complaint alleges that he offered to pay her to sleep in his bed, as well as $20,000 and a world trip for her eggs.

He also stalked her, notes the Daily Mail, watching her through binoculars as she sunbathed on the beach.

Boundaries are clearly a problem for Mr. ShamWow! Guy, who the complaint also alleges engaged in "unwanted touching"--hugging, groping and cheek kissing.

Vince Shlomi is being accused of intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil battery, but Kosinksi has yet to announce how much of the ShamWow! fortune she seeks.

If her allegations are true, she may be in for a bit of compensation.

After all, a civil battery merely requires proof of an unwanted offensive or harmful touching, and not one of you can say that you want ShamWow! Guy up in your space.

At this point there is only one thing left to say about Vince Shlomi: he may be the ShamWow! guy, but he ain't no Billy Mays.

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