Sears Worker Secretly Taped Women for 3 Years

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on May 02, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Los Angeles police recently arrested Alejandro Gamiz, 27, on suspicion of burglary and the surreptitious filming of unsuspecting women. The maintenance worker at a North Hollywood Sears is accused of placing hidden cameras in the store's fitting rooms and bathrooms.

Gamiz worked for the retailer for three years, and reportedly placed up to 60 cameras behind store walls. When a loss prevention employee recently noticed something suspicious during a routine inspection, the company notified the Los Angeles Police Department.

Sears has searched the store and investigators have since seized security footage, according to the official LAPD blog. Gamiz is also cooperating. Police, however, are not seeking to identify any of the victims at this time.

They may eventually want to, though. Sears caters to the entire family and sells clothing and other items to teenagers and children. If Alejandro Gamiz installed hidden cameras outside all women's bathrooms and fitting rooms, chances are he recorded at least one underage individual. Depending on what the minor was doing on tape, he could arguably be liable for the creation and possession of child pornography.

Sexual activity is not a requirement for child pornography. The images only need be sufficiently sexually suggestive.

Such a charge would carry a significantly harsher punishment than the secret filming of undressed women. It would also give prosecutors the leverage needed to negotiate a longer sentence, should Gamiz choose to accept a plea deal. And given the extent and duration of his alleged crimes, prosecutors will likely want to put Alejandro Gamiz behind bars for as long as possible.

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