Ryan Reynolds Divorce From Scarlett Johansson Announced

By Laura Strachan, Esq. on December 15, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Tis the season for Hollywood divorces. After only two years of marriage 26-year-old actress Scarlett Johansson and 34-year-old actor Ryan Reynolds have announced their divorce. The couple wed in a secret ceremony in Canada in 2008 and the reasons for their split seem to be a little less secret.

The divorce is not as abrupt as it may appear. Reuters reports that the couple has actually been separated for close to six months before making the announcement that surprised many. Busy filming schedules and extended periods of time apart are to blame for the breakup.

For their part, the duo hopes to handle the divorce process without the he said, she said publicity that characterizes so many Hollywood divorces. "After long and careful consideration on both our parts, we've decided to end our marriage. We entered our relationship with love and it's with love and kindness we leave it, " Reuters quotes a joint statement by the couple.

Hopefully the love they are leaving the marriage with will also make for a smooth divorce. Although the couple does not have children (typically the most contested issue in a divorce) both parties have a significant amount of money which can serve to complicate and prolong the emotional process of divorcing.

Another issue when it comes to high-profile divorces has to do with spousal support. Although both highly successful thespians, it is unclear whether the couple signed a prenuptial agreement.

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