Romaine Lettuce Recalled On Listeria Fears: 15 Dead from Cantaloupes

By Admin on September 30, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

California-based True Leaf Farms has voluntarily recalled its romaine lettuce over Listeria concerns.

This move comes after the widely-publicized cantaloupe recall. The listeria-tainted cantaloupe has sickened 84 people in 18 states with Listeria infections. It has killed as many as 16.

The recalled romaine lettuce was shipped out between September 12 and 13. The greens were sent to distributors in 21 states and Canada. The affected produce has a use-date of September 29.

The recall comes after FDA testing revealed the presence of Listeria in the chopped romaine. So far there are no reported illnesses.

With the growing number of Listeria-related recalls, some consumers may be wondering where this bacteria comes from.

It grows in soil and water. It can be transmitted through animals that carry the infection. Listeria can contaminate meat and dairy products as well as produce.

Who is most at risk? Pregnant women and the elderly. In fact, women who are expecting are about 20 times more likely than healthy adults to succumb to an infection.

In the U.S., about 2,500 people become sick with Listeria infections every year. Out of those, around 500 die.

Typical symptoms of Listeria are similar to the flu. Pregnant women who come down with the illness may end up with a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or a premature delivery. Mothers can pass on their infection to their newborns.

What can consumers do to safeguard against a Listeria? Try to keep uncooked meats away from produce and ready-to-eat foods. Wash hands, cutting boards, and cooking surfaces after preparing meals. And thoroughly wash vegetables before eating them.

These tips may not completely safeguard you against infection, but can help avoid some of the dangers. For more information about the romaine lettuce Listeria recall, visit True Leaf Farm's website.

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