Rapper T.I. Back in Prison Over Luxury Bus, Entourage

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on September 02, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Rapper T.I.'s back in prison after just being released from jail this past Wednesday. Why? Prison officials say that T.I.'s bus and entourage that escorted him from the Arkansas prison where he was released to a halfway house in Atlanta was not on the forms that the rapper filled out before his release.

It's required for prisoners who are in low or medium security prisons to clearly tell officials what method of transportation they will be taking after getting released, according to TMZ.

And, while T.I. filled out the forms and told officials that he would taking a "van," officials were not prepared for T.I.'s luxury bus and entourage that showed up to the Arkansas jail.

T.I. is now back in a federal prison and will be released September 29th, according to The New York Times.

T.I's attorneys, however, are working on the rapper's case and are hoping to get him released to the halfway house earlier, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

And, to rub salt into the wound, apparently prison officials saw T.I.'s tricked out tour bus arrive at the prison. T.I.'s wife even says that some prison officials took photos with the rapper in front of the bus before sending him off. Nobody raised an issue with his ride at the time.

Poor T.I., you have to wonder if maybe prison officials are being a little too picky about the language on his prison forms.

While a tricked-out tour bus isn't exactly a "van," it does kind of look like a van. And, what was T.I. supposed to write on his prison form? Was he really supposed to describe his ride as a "luxury tour bus with entourage"?

T.I.'s return to jail will certainly cause a major hiccup in his recent plans. Now that T.I.'s back in prison his big reality TV and book deals will have to be put on hold. And, all of this trouble is just because of T.I.'s bus and entourage. Maybe next time the rapper should opt for a low-key sedan.

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