Randy Quaid, Wife Will Not be Extradited: DOJ Request Denied

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on July 19, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Hiding out in Vancouver with his wife Evi, Santa Barbara prosecutors have wanted Randy Quaid extradited back to the United States so that they could prosecute the couple on felony vandalism charges.

But it appears as though their alleged crimes aren't serious enough for the U.S. Department of Justice, which has formally declined the Santa Barbara District Attorney's request.

Does the National Lampoon star now get to take permanent Canadian vacation?

To answer this question, one must first understand why Randy Quaid is even in Canada.

After being arrested for squatting in his former guesthouse, Quaid and his wife flew off to Vancouver, where they petitioned for refugee status.

They claim that a group of people known as the Star Whackers is out to kill them, reports the Santa Barbara Independent. They also believe the group has killed a few other notable Hollywood stars.

Ignoring the bizarre story, because they don't wish to leave Canada, either Canada must send them back, or the U.S. must request that they be extradited.

Because extradition is a process involving foreign nations and treaties, it must either be requested by the State Department or the Department of Justice. A city prosecutor has no jurisdiction in the matter.

The DOJ's denial stems from the fact that extradition is a lengthy, expensive process that is usually reserved for serious offenses--not vandalism and theft.

With extradition out of the picture, the only other option is for Canada to decide to kick the couple out of the country.

Unfortunately for Santa Barbara prosecutors, this doesn't appear to be likely either.

While the U.S. pondered a Randy Quaid extradition, Evi Quaid was obtaining her Canadian citizenship, which allows her to sponsor her husband for permanent Canadian residency.

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