Pros and Cons of Getting a JD/MBA

By George Khoury, Esq. on September 19, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

If you already hate law school, or might just be looking to enhance your hire-ability, potentially even outside of practicing law, you may be considering a dual JD/MBA program.

However, like any choice you make in law school, there are going to be positive things to consider, and negative aspects to bear in mind. Below, you'll find a brief list of three pros and three cons to help you decide whether you want to pursue that JD/MBA.

Con No. 1: Law School Is Hard Enough

Law school and business school are taught very differently and have very different demands. If you're struggling to keep your head above water with the heavy law school load, adding a different field of study isn't likely to make it any easier. While a joint degree (or any variety) could change your career trajectory, getting a JD is not easy, and disrupting the focus of your legal studies might make finishing harder.

Con No. 2: Law School Is Expensive Enough

Seriously! Adding more time to your JD, even with the perk of adding a MBA at the end, comes at a very real cost. Loans will continue to accrue interest, you'll likely need additional time to complete the program, and that means you'll be licensed later, and able to earn "lawyer" money later. As a lawyer, you'll learn real quick that time is money.

Con No. 3: You're Less Likely to Litigate or "Practice"

With a joint JD/MBA you may not even be looking at jobs where passing a bar exam matters. However, going in house does mean it is unlikely you will litigate cases, or work inside a court room, and getting an MBA can really help you chances of going in house.

Pro No. 1: You're Less Likely to Litigate or "Practice"

If you abhor the drama of the courtroom, or maybe you just aren't into it, getting that JD/MBA and focusing on legal business or services, or in house work, could be a positive thing for you. It could also be helpful if you're interested in politics.

Pro No. 2: You'll Be More Hirable

Even if you want to litigate cases, having a MBA will help. Naturally, if you are going to serve business clients with litigation needs, having that background will make you more apt to understanding the needs particular to their business.

Pro No. 3: More Money

Regardless of which path you choose to follow more aggressively, the business or legal path, having the joint JD/MBA will help you earn more money if you can market yourself properly. Over the long haul, having a JD/MBA may be what sets you apart from other in house counsel vying for that almighty promotion to general counsel, or what helps you make rain, and partner, at your firm.

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