Prominent Attorney Busted for DWI, 'Wife Swap' Prostitution: NY Police

By Andrew Lu on August 31, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Prominent upstate New York attorney James D. Doyle was busted for having sex with a prostitute after he was allegedly caught asleep in his car with a young lady named Alicia Guastaferro.

What garnered national headlines was not the fact that Doyle is a particularly notable or famous attorney, because he's not. He's a bit of a big deal in the small town of Greece, New York, so think somewhat big fish in a very small pond.

However, the story made its rounds around gossip sites because the alleged prostitute, Alicia Guastaferro, is a former beauty queen and she's quite attractive. Additionally, Guastaferro once starred in ABC's Wife Swap and is 20 years old compared to James D. Doyle's 54 years of age, reports the Democrat and Chronicle.

The couple was busted when a caller tipped police to a car being driven erratically on the highway. The police eventually found Doyle's car stopped in a vehicle rest area. Doyle and Guastaferro were both asleep in the car at the time, reports the Democrat and Chronicle.

After a little bit of questioning by police as to what they were doing, Guastaferro opened up. The reality star and alleged prostitute told police that the two had met for dinner and the two had several drinks thanks to an illegal ID that Doyle allegedly gave Guastaferro, as stated in a police report.

A little bit more prodding and then Guastaferro really opened up by telling police that she and Doyle would meet a couple times a month and have sex for money. Guastaferro admittedly told police that she charged the quite expensive rate of $500-$700 a night, as indicated in the police report.

James D. Doyle was charged with driving while intoxicated, patronizing a prostitute, and unlawfully dealing with a child for giving alcohol to a minor. Being the good criminal defense attorney, Doyle has denied all the charges. He said he was just resting and says that he has been family friends with Alicia Guastaferro for years. It's not clear if Doyle will be representing himself or if he will have assistance of counsel.

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