Pez Museum Gets Lawyers -- Sweet!

By Joel Zand on August 04, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia has a team of lawyers to defend against the PEZ lawsuit filed by U.S.-based PEZ Candy, Inc. and Patrafico AG, the Swiss candymaker's parent company,

Litigators at Fenwick & West, LLP in Mountain View, California rose to defend the 14-year-old musem and its founders.

PEZ sued Nancy Doss and Gary Doss, a Bay Area couple who created the candy lovers' museum and have operated it over the last 14 years.

"From a branding perspective, I think PEZ should embrace the Dosses and the museum, instead of trying to attack them," said Fenwick partner Rodger Cole (inset, right).

The intellectual property litigator is working with fellow Fenwick partner Jennifer Kelly, and associates Rachael Samberg, Songmee Connolly and Leslie Kramer.

According to Cole, "The Museum, its store and its website are clearly not affiliated with PEZ Candy, Inc. There is no likelihood that the so-called trademark infringement or trade dress infringement results in possible customer confusion."

A call made nearly three weeks ago by FindLaw to Larry Johnson, PEZ's Palo Alto trademark lawyer, has still not been returned to discuss his clients' lawsuit against the museum.

Perhaps they are too busy preparing to file lawsuits against all the folks who love their clients' candy:



Maybe they're also getting Aussie counsel down under to sue Pez a/k/a P-Easy, that Melbourne rapper and fastidious funkster of Outback verse.


Can you imagine the confusion between a candy and hip-hoppin' Kangaroo country rapper?!

I can't.


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