People v. Eastburn, B216886

By FindLaw Staff on November 16, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Defendant's convictions for forgery from an elder adult and related crimes affirmed

People v. Eastburn, B216886, concerned a challenge to the convictions of defendant for forgery from an elder adult, grand theft by embezzlement and commercial burglary, for obtaining over $20,000 by passing checks with the forged signatures of his 83-year-old employer.

In affirming the convictions, the court held that, contrary to defendant's claim that the evidence compelled the jury to find that the actual victim of his crime "was a business entity, and not an elder adult," the law recognizes no distinction between an individual and a name under which he or she does business.  The court also held that the evidence presented in this case is sufficient to support the jury's finding that defendant either knew or should have known that the money he was stealing belonged to an elder adult as opposed to a business.

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