Passing the Bar - the Board Game

By Neetal Parekh on July 17, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Dear July 2009 Bar Exam Takers:

Over the past few months we couldn't help but notice that we see you a lot less.  There have been fewer movie nights, dinners, weekend barbeques, we're playing man-down in tennis (which believe us, is no fun when you're playing doubles) and haven't you missed like four weddings and a bar mitzvah this summer?   And when it was a struggle to get you out to catch Fourth of July fireworks, we knew it was serious, I mean aren't you always quoting random res ipsa loquitur cases and assumption of risk premises from your Torts class---which, by the way, for a long time we thought was a baking seminar.  I mean, don't get us wrong, we would rather see you when you are relaxed rather than the stressed out ball of energy we admittedly tried to avoid whenever law school final exams loomed nearby.

But now, with the exam just weeks away, we really want to do something extra special for you.  We want to show you that though we don't understand the rule against perpetuities, and when you explained it to us for the fifth time we really aren't sure you do either, and to us the UCC sounds like a college in California, we are nevertheless proud of you.  Anyone can apply to law school, but it takes someone remarkable to graduate, celebrate the whole weekend after, and then haul it to Bar review class bright and early Monday morning.  And you've continued to impress us with your dedication to studying---and even when we see you asleep on your books during your two hour study 'naps'---we know they are well-deserved and that you are just processing the information horizontally.

So, next week--game night, our place.  Since we can't actually help you with passing the Bar, we can at least play the board game to commemorate it.  And if it's anything like Monopoly, we can't wait to collect the $2M settlement when passing Go.

Good luck, Bar Takers---we hope to retire this game in a few short weeks!



Everyone Else

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