Paris Hilton Detained in Japan After Guilty Plea

By Tanya Roth, Esq. on September 21, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

In a previous post, we discussed the guilty plea made by Paris Hilton before a court in Las Vegas, Nevada, for misdemeanor drug possession charges. As a sidebar, a suggestion was made that since Paris now has a criminal record in the states of California and Nevada, as well as detentions in South Africa and Corsica for similar, um, issues, Ms. Hilton might like to find a fresh jurisdiction in which to frolic. Either Paris Hilton is a fan of, or truth is stranger than fiction, upon attempting to enter Japan yesterday, she was promptly detained by authorities.

Just after finishing her hearing, Paris boarded a plane for Tokyo for a previously scheduled appearance to promote her fashion line, according to The Washington Post. Upon arrival in Japan, the deeply blonde traveler was detained at the airport and questioned by immigration officials for several hours regarding her guilty plea on the drug possession charges. After the questioning was complete, Paris was told she must remain in the airport hotel until the issue was resolved according to Britain's Daily Mail.

Before hopping a plane, Paris might have done a bit of homework with her legal team regarding countries who may limit entry of those with certain criminal convictions on their records. While this is an immigration issue not a criminal one, it seems that one member of what must be a huge legal 'Team Paris' might have notified her of this sticking point.

Therefore, note to the Hilton legal team, in addition to Japan, Paris might not want to hit the stores (either for promotional purposes or shopping) in Canada. Canada will not permit entry to those with a criminal record, including a conviction for driving under the influence; a special waiver must be obtained in advance. As you will recall, Hilton has an issue with DUI, and may whish to avoid a "Paris Hilton Detained In Canada" headline to match her Japan news.

All this may or may not prevent Paris from living up to her contractual oblations to further promote her "business." According to The Post, Ms. Hilton has upcoming promotional duties in Indonesia and Malaysia as well.

Evidently, Paris is big in Kuala Lumpur.

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