Paris Hilton Boyfriend Cy Waits Cited for Hit and Run

By Tanya Roth, Esq. on October 04, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Paris Hilton has finally found her soulmate, or at the very least, someone who gets in legal trouble as frequently as she does. Fresh off an arrest on DUI in Las Vegas in the company of the Blond One, Cy Waits is again in legal trouble with a report of a hit and run incident with a paparazzi in Los Angeles.

In a typical celeb vs. paps scene, E!Online reports that Hilton and Waits were leaving a restaurant on the evening of September 29, when their car was swarmed with paparazzi. According to comments from Los Angeles Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore, the car was surrounded by the photographers (the name paparazzi, in case you did not know, comes from the Italian word for mosquito) when Waits tried to move the car forward. One female photographer reportedly jumped in front of the car and was hit. Waits claims he did not know at the time he hit someone.

E! writes that the victim called 911 and was taken to the hospital. Reports are she has no serious injuries. Waits returned to the scene later that evening to speak with police. He has been charged with hit and run and possibly other misdemeanor charges stemming from the incident. The investigation is still continuing.

Charges for hit and run can be serious, and when added to the criminal charges from the Las Vegas arrest which are still pending, are going to add up to issues with law enforcement not to mention every Californian's nightmare, the DMV. A hit and run that results in injury can result in felony charges. Under the California Vehicle Code, there is a specific duty to give information such as address, driver's license, etc. and to give assistance to anyone injured, which reportedly, did not happen here.

However, Waits may have a fair chance at defending charges of hit and run. This situation was quite chaotic and he did return to speak with officers later that night. In addition, the L.A. Sheriff's office has also said there may be charges pending against the paparazzi for blocking the roadway.

Will incidents such as this decrease if California passes its paparazzi bill? Will the law throw a big mosquito net over the problem and prevent things like this from happening? Stay tuned.

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