Parents Sealed Naked Kids into Feces-Covered Room

By Adam Ramirez on March 31, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Two Virginia parents are facing felony child abuse charges after using drywall to seal their three young daughters in a room covered with feces and urine.

Police say the pair placed their three naked daughters into a room in their two-story home. Then, they allegedly nailed a five foot high piece of drywall into the doorway of the room, ABC reports.

The couple's 4-year-old child escaped and ran naked to a neighbor's house for help.

John Michael Robey, 33, and Christina Dawn Moore, 26, were charged with three counts of felony child abuse and neglect.

The 4-year-old child escaped from the Bristow, Va., home by climbing over the drywall and squeezing through an opening at the top. The naked child ran to a neighbor saying that her two sisters were still at the home.

The neighbor, who has not been identified, helped get the other children, a 2-year-old toddler and a 4- month-old baby, out of the house.

A 911 call was placed from the neighbor's home, ABC reports.

Police awakened a sleeping Robey and Moore.

"They were asleep the whole time, definitely not parents of the year," Prince William County Police Officer Jonathan Perok said.

The mother of the children has previously faced child neglect charges in 2005 when her 22-month-old twin boys were found wandering around a junkyard, ABC Affiliate WJLA reported.

State laws regarding what constitutes child abuse are fairly standard. Municipalities tend to regulate child abuse with more specificity. More often than not, the law considers whether or not the action is reasonable. And in the case of Robey and Moore, it's doubtful anyone would consider their actions remotely reasonable.

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