PA Couple's Sex on City Bus Caught by Surveillance Camera

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on October 26, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Pennsylvanian woman Amanda Confer and her beau, a pre-release prison inmate named Randell Peterson, had an illicit encounter: they had sex on a city bus.

In broad daylight.

Oh, and Confer was with her baby at the time.

Confer, 24, boarded the Montoursville bus with her baby daughter one late afternoon in August. Peterson and his fellow pre-release inmate Joshua Schill were also riding the bus at the time. Both are part of a prison work release program.

Authorities say that Confer and Peterson were sitting in the back of the bus. Schill sat in front of them.

Before Confer and Peterson started going at it, the 24-year-old handed her baby to Schill who served a dual role as babysitter and lookout.

Too bad no amount of "looking out" for the couple could get them out of trouble. Their entire X-rated encounter, which included full-on sexual intercourse, was caught on the bus' surveillance tape.

After Confer and Peterson finished up their business, the two inmates exited the bus. Confer stayed on with her daughter.

The duo was charged with a myriad of crimes including conspiracy, indecent exposure, open lewdness and disorderly conduct, according to The Smoking Gun.

Most states make it a crime for a person to be too "exposed" in public. This means you generally can't walk around naked. And you can't usually have sex in public places without getting into some trouble.

That's why it's generally not a good idea to have sex on a bus. It's a lesson that Amanda Confer and Randell Peterson have probably learned. And hopefully the pair also learned that maybe they should opt for a hotel room next time.

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