Out to Lunch: Top 5 Lunch Spots for the D.C. Circuit

By Brett Snider, Esq. on October 03, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Feel like the D.C. Circuit is out to lunch? They might be! With the wide variety of lunch options right around the courthouse, we wouldn't blame them. Since there is such a dearth of opinions from the court these days, we thought we would turn our focus to something else an attorney in the area might be interested in.

So if you're in the D.C. Circuit and feeling peckish, check out these five fabulous lunch spots:

1) Daikaya

Located at 705 6th Street NW (Between G and H) -- 13 minute walk form court

This Japanese noodle house boasts some awe-striking ramen that would make you look at that old college snack in disgust and horror.

Take a break from researching net neutrality and sink into a bowl of Daikaya's spicy miso ramen with pork belly -- salty, savory, and sublime.

2) Matchbox - Chinatown

Located at 713 H Street NW (Between 7th and 8th) -- 17 minute walk from court

Matchbox's closest location to the D.C. Circuit is a bit of a walk for lunch, but the pizza's reputation is unimpeachable.

Have a slice of Matchbox's Spicy Meatball while you ponder nominee Nina Pillard's D.C. Circuit chances.

3) Graffiato

Located at 707 6th Street NW (Between G and H) -- 13 minute walk from court

This Italian small plate spot may be a bit pricey -- $20 for a lunch of three courses -- but sometimes you may want to feel as fancy as the suit you're wearing.

Try not to think about endangered goats and enjoy some of Graffatio's wood oven-prepared charred octopus.

4) Protein Bar

Located at 398 7th Street NW (corner of D and 7th) -- 9 minute walk from court

Maybe you want something quick and full of amino acids, and the Protein Bar has healthy, cheap options out the wazoo.

Feel good about yourself over a bowl of Protein Bar's Quinoa Chili, up to 31 grams of protein and not an ounce of radioactive waste -- like Yucca Mountain.

5) D.C. Circuit Courthouse Cafeteria

Located in the first floor of the William B. Bryant Annex -- 1 minute walk from court

Sometimes you just feel like hunkering down next to the warm glow of federal funding and eating with your other colleagues who are pressed for time and money.

If you're there on Thursday, grab a Reuben and fries (only $6.29) and daydream about former D.C. Circuit judge Justice Ginsburg eating there and asking you to pass the ketchup.

Hopefully the D.C. Circuit will come back from lunch sometime in October and deliver at least one published opinion.

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