Opiate Withdrawal Treatment Busted by FTC for Unsupported Claims of Effectiveness

By George Khoury, Esq. on May 10, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A product that was being marketed as an opiate withdrawal remedy that promised to ease the associated pains has settled claims brought by the FTC against it. The company that makes Withdrawal Ease and Recovery Ease will no longer be able to make claims about the products' health benefits unless the claims are supported by actual evidence.

These products were marketed toward individuals seeking help recovering from the withdrawal symptoms of opiate addiction, and made specific claims that the product was effective, despite there being no scientific evidence to support those claims. In addition to the settlement preventing the company from making certain claims when marketing their products, the settlement also called for a $6.6 million dollar payment. However, the payment has been suspended due to the company's inability to pay.

Unsupported Claims of Consumer Health Products

In the FTC's press release regarding Withdrawal Ease and Recovery Ease, it noted that this matter was strikingly similar to a dietary supplement case where Sunrise Nutraceuticals made unsupported claims that their supplements could help cure opioid addiction. In that case, the product contained statements such as "#1 opiate withdrawal supplement" and "guaranteed to work."

Generally, when a health product, or any consumer product, makes false or unsupported claims that are intended to influence consumers into purchasing the product, the FTC, FDA, or CPSC, can get involved. Consumers can report suspicious, or unbelievable, claims to the FTC directly via a consumer complaint. Generally, the FTC has the authority to investigate false advertising claim, and will take claims that involve public safety, and a violation of the public trust, rather seriously.

If you've been personally affected by a false claim on a consumer health product such as Withdrawal Ease or Recovery Ease, you may have a legal claim against the company or the business that sold you the product.

Getting Help

Opioid addiction is not an easy condition to deal with or recover from. It frequently requires help from professionals and loved ones. Over the counter, consumer health products that promise a silver bullet fix for opioid addiction, or any other serious ailment, are more likely than not, too good to be true.

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