NY Woman, 73, Sues Walmart for Age Discrimination

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on April 03, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Walmart has been hit with another discrimination suit, this time from Anne Squatrito of Long Island, New York. The 73-year-old grandmother is accusing the big box store of conspiring to fire her in violation of age and disability workplace laws.

More specifically, her Walmart age discrimination suit claims that managers altered her responsibilities shortly after she returned from disability leave. Though they were aware that she had a heart attack, they instructed her to move 200 loads of merchandise.

By herself.

This alone may be enough to sustain a disability discrimination claim. When an employer is aware of an employee's disability, it must make reasonable accommodations so that the individual can continue to work. Asking a 73-year-old woman with known heart problems to haul heavy loads likely violates this rule. It also backs up Anne Squatrito's claim that Walmart has been trying to force her to quit.

Indeed, the Walmart age discrimination suit accuses store management of trying to get Squatrito to quit for the past 8 years, reports WABC. She points to her salary -- $22 an hour -- as one reason. Walmart can hire three new, younger employees for the same amount.

So, what does the company have to say about all of this?

They believe Anne Squatrito's Walmart age discrimination suit is a loser, explains the New York Post. They claim they didn't fire her because of her age, but instead because she repeatedly violated the store's time-clock policies. If true, at least some of her claims may be dismissed.

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