NY Thief Stuffed Tiny Pomeranian Puppy Down His Pants

By Deanne Katz, Esq. on July 31, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A Long-Island man wanted a puppy so badly that he grabbed a tiny Pomeranian and shoved it in his pants.

We would give him ten points for creativity, but in reality he probably wasn't motivated by puppy love.

The man and his accomplice, neither of whom have been identified by police, went into Zoorama Pet Store and one pretended to be interested in dogs. He distracted the clerk while the soon-to-be puppy thief tried several times unsuccessfully to open the cash register.

When he failed to steal the cash, Mr. Puppy Pants took the nearest item of value he could get his hands on and put it where no one could see it.

It might have been better for him if he'd just stolen the money.

If the suspect had gotten into the register he might have been able to take a few hundred dollars. But when he walked out with the 10-week-old purebred puppy he took $1,000 worth of merchandise with him.

That puppy was not interested in taking a ride in this man's trousers as shown by this clip:

It doesn't matter that the dog is a living animal, taking it off the premises is still theft. Taking property that is not yours with the intent to take it away from its owner is the definition of larceny.

After all, it doesn't seem like the suspect intended to bring the dog back after he took it joy riding.

The difference between stealing the money and stealing the dog is the difference between a charge for petit larceny and one for grand larceny. In New York State, stealing property worth $1,000 or more can earn a charge of grand larceny in the fourth degree and carry a potential sentence of two to five years in jail.

Police are still looking for the creative criminal who put a puppy in his pants and for his associate. The store owner is offering a $500 reward for the tiny pup.

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