NY Man Takes Bat to Head Shop for Selling Bath Salts to Son

By Andrew Lu on July 30, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Daniel Avery took the law into his own hands when he smashed a local head shop with a baseball bat for selling bath salts to his son.

The upstate New York man says that Tebb's Head Shop sold the bath salts to young people knowing that the bath salts were being abused as drugs. Avery said that his 24-year-old son was one such customer and was hospitalized after overdosing on the synthetic drugs, reports WNYF.

Avery apparently has no regrets for what he did, but he now faces several criminal charges including third degree criminal possession of a weapon and third degree criminal mischief.

After his son recovered from the overdose, Avery apparently went into Tebb's to tell them that selling the bath salts was wrong. He says he asked them why they sold the product when they know that kids abuse them and can receive brain damage from it, reports WNYF.

Not liking the answer he got, Avery then allegedly used his baseball bat to break the glass front door of the store as well as a glass display case and some store merchandise.

Avery says he'll have to pay for his actions, but he just wanted to bring attention to the dangers of bath salts, reports WNYF. Unfortunately for Avery he could face a lot of jail time.

Typically, Daniel Avery's smashing of the head shop would be considered a misdemeanor in New York. He could have faced up to a year in jail, but he would likely have been able to work out a plea deal. However, 30 years ago, Avery was convicted of burglary. As a result, his weapon and criminal mischief charges in the bath salts incident have been upgraded to felonies and Avery could face a lengthy jail sentence.

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