Nude Woman Rescued From Side of Cliff at San Diego's Black's Beach

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on March 25, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Sunny Dan Diego has a nude beach.

Surprised? Same here. But Black's Beach is apparently widely known for its nude revelers, one of which is currently making headlines.

In an attempt to challenge the stereotype that the nation's nude beaches are solely the playground of old, wrinkly men, a 27 year old woman got stuck on the bluffs overlooking Black's Beach.

And of course, this resulted in a nude woman rescue mission.

Our heroine decided to take a hike down to Black's Beach, but instead of using the clearly marked trail, she felt the need to climb down the 500 foot high cliffs that overlook the water.

Even better, in the spirit of the beach's unofficial (and illegal) purpose, LA Weekly reports that she climbed down nude.

Buck naked and half way down the cliff, she got stuck. Or afraid, reports the paper.

Beachgoers, the nice old men that they are, called for backup.

The nude woman rescue operation began with a female lifeguard propelling down the cliffs with a change of clothes, according to San Diego 6. The lifeguard was even kind enough to wait while the woman dressed.

Eventually, the two made it safely to the ground. Officers then cited our heroine, notes LA Weekly. She failed to heed signs warning people to stay off the unstable cliffs.

Unfortunately for the nude woman, rescue expenses may also be on the horizon. In cases where a person is illegally engaged in an activity for which they require emergency services, the government can charge them for their rescue. In this case, she may be liable for wages and any equipment used to remove her from the cliff.

Oh, and the clothes, too.

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