No, Judge, You Can't Do That In Court

By William Vogeler, Esq. on April 03, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Charity -- not a judge's robe -- covers a multitude of sins.

The black robe appropriately cloaks some human behavior, and the public doesn't really need to know everything that goes on behind the judge's curtain. So let's not throw the first stone.

But there are some things a judge just shouldn't do in the courtroom. Here are a few:

No Vaping

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Vincent Del Giudice didn't get the memo on vaping, but local reporters said he was vaping in the courtroom.

The New York Post said he should have faced a $1,000 fine for violating the state's Clean Indoor Air Act. Local authorities refused to charge him, however, saying photos showed him holding a vaping pen -- not inhaling from it.

Apparently, the "Clinton defense" applies in New York.

No Sexting

Some things go without saying, but "saying" is what got Justice of the Peace Hilary Green in trouble. She was sexting on the bench.

A 10-year veteran of the Texas court, Green resigned before her case went to a disciplinary trial. In court records, however, she acknowledged that she engaged in sexually explicit texts with her bailiff.

She also admitted some issues with prescription drugs and marijuana, but not on duty.

No Stealing

"No stealing" applies to everybody since Moses, but Long Island Judge Robert Cicale is a special case. He was stealing his neighbor's panties.

According to reports, he confessed to the crime. It was hard to deny because he was caught with the woman's underwear.

He was not wearing them on the bench -- as far as we know -- but that would have been just wrong. 

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