'NJWeedman' Convicted of Pot Possession

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on May 11, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A New Jersey jury convicted NJWeedman of possession of Monday, but was unable to decide whether he intended to sell it or keep it for himself. For the uninitiated, NJWeedman's real name is Ed Forchion, and he's a California resident who operates a medical marijuana dispensary in Hollywood.

NJWeedman is a bit of an Internet celebrity and active in the medical marijuana scene. He also tried to legally change his name to NJWeedman.com last year, but his request was denied by a judge.

Posing as Ed Forchion, the pot peddler was arrested in 2010 while back in his native New Jersey. Officers found a pound of pot in the trunk of his car, and the Courier-Post reports that he admitted that it was his. However, he claims that he had no intent to sell the weed, which he smokes on a regular basis.

Some jurors bought his claim, while others didn't. They were deadlocked and unable to decide whether he was guilty of possession with the intent to sell.

This may have had something to do with NJWeedman's status under the law. Though New Jersey's medical marijuana has not yet been implemented, PhillyBurbs reports that NJWeedman is a licensed medical marijuana user in California. He has tumors in his leg.

Jurors could have very well believed that he planned to smoke the pot himself, thus declining to convict NJWeedman for intending to sell. Though a pound is a lot of pot, he may have made plans to haul it back to California.

In light of the jury's failure to convict NJWeedman of the second charge, he's been released on bail. A retrial has been scheduled for later this month.

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