Nic Cage's Ex Wants Conservatorship: Son Needs Legal Guardian?

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on June 21, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Nic Cage might have been a "superhero" in "Kick Ass," but his ex-girlfriend certainly doesn't think he can take care of his son. Weston Cage's conservatorship battle between Christina Fulton, Cage's ex, and Cage, is heating up.

Weston, 20, a death metal singer, is currently in psychiatric evaluation after a fight with his personal trainer in early June, reports Contact Music.

Fulton is pursuing conservatorship of her son - but both Nic and Weston look to be against Fulton's actions.

Nic has issued a statement stating that he hopes that "Ms. Fulton will come to her senses one day and get some help. Weston is a man," reports celebrity gossip source TMZ. Weston also fired off a public statement saying that he is a "fully capable and self-sufficient adult" and that he does not want to be in contact with his mother - and that he "will never undergo the torment she put me through ever again."

This is not the first legal battle between Fulton and Nic. They previously settled a lawsuit out of court where she alleged that Nic did not buy her a house he had originally promised to get for her. The details of the settlement were not released.

So what is all this conservatorship talk about? It's similar to guardianship of a minor, where the parent has the legal right to make certain decisions on behalf of a child. For example, a guardian has the right to give consent to medical care or treatment, purchase of necessities, and the managing of finances and bank accounts.

Like a guardianship, a conservatorship would mean that Fulton would have the legal right to take control of some of Weston's rights. For example, as an adult, Weston has the right to legally manage his own finances. If the court grants Fulton conservatorship, Fulton may have the legal right to manage Weston's finances. Conservatorships are usually granted when someone is mentally ill or unstable, or somehow incapacitated and unable to manage by themselves.

For now, Weston Cage's conservatorship fight continues on in court. Christina Fulton may want conservatorship of her son, but only a court can grant conservatorship rights.

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