New Toy Safety Policies for Disney, Toys 'R' Us

By Admin on September 10, 2007 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

After a string of recent toy recalls, The Walt Disney Company stated that it will begin independent testing of toys featuring Disney characters, and Toys 'R' Us announced the implementation of a more stringent toy safety checking policy. The New York Times reports Disney's independent testing, "set to begin within the next two weeks, will involve some of the more than 65,000 children's products from around 2,000 vendors of toys, jewelry, furniture and other Disney items. " And in a story on the new Toys 'R' Us safety check policy, Reuters quotes company spokeswoman Kathleen Waugh as stating that "a systematic recheck of all products on [Toys 'R' Us'] shelves" has already begun. Toys 'R' Us has also announced the launch of a new toy safety website. In August and early September 2007, Mattel announced three recalls involving about 10 million toys, due to injury risks from lead paint and small magnets.

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